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Vimalin for Windows

Below are a few steps that we recommend to read on first use.

These steps will guide you through the installation, configuration and first use of Vimalin. There are links you can follow to various help articles explaining more details.

If you want to read the macOS documentation, then click on the apple logo at the top right.

Vimalin –  Installation

Configuring Vimalin

Set a backup Target

Add a virtual machine to backup

Make backups

Run a backup on demand

Create a Schedule

Schedule a job

Configuring email notifications

Managing backups

Deleting a backup

Restoring a backup

In the backup archive you will find all options to manage your backups. Not only to delete and restore, but also for adding a note to your backup. Compress the backup to save space. View all files of the backup, the size it uses, when the backup was made. Etcetera.