Vimalin steps to install.

First download the install media from our website, then double click on the .dmg image and the following screen will open in Finder.

In order to install you have to run the installer. You do this by double clicking the Vimalin-2.0.327.pkg file. After that you will get the following screen.

Vimalin Installer - Welcome page

Just select Continue.


Which then presents you with the license used, you’ll have to agree with the license in order to continue to the next steps. The “Destination Select” screen will only show up in certain conditions. It doesn’t matter much, just continue. Do not change the default location.


After that, the installation type screen shows you what is going to be installed, again just continue and click “Install”

The installer then asks for your password, it needs your password so that it can install the worker process which runs in the background.

The worker process eventually is what schedules your backups and takes care of the actual backup even when you don’t have the Vimalin application running.


When successful you get this screen:


After that you will find the Vimalin app under Applications and when you start it you should get the following welcome screen.

As you can see the backup functionality is enabled and no backups have yet been scheduled.

Next up is: Configuring Vimalin – Set a backup Target