August 8, 2019

Update for Vimalin for Windows.

A user was having issues with running backups against VMware Workstation 10.x with a lock file. Although Workstation 10.x is officially not supported that is now addressed.

There are some other small fixes, so we do recommend to update.

More details are here:  Vimalin for Windows 2.0.404 update

January 22, 2019

Release of Vimalin for Windows.
Finally there is a product for making automated backups of Virtual Machines running under VMware Workstation Professional.

(see Documentation for more screenshots)

Vimalin for Windows has feature parity with Vimalin for Fusion, so you can expect the same functionality.

  • Automated backups and backup rollover
  • Backup to external/local disks or network shares
  • Email notifications on success and/or failure of backups
  • Backup Library for managing your backups, keep notes, compress/decompress, view details
  • A log window showing details of the backup process
  • Dark mode support
  • Uses VMware automation, no need to install anything in your guest OS
  • and more

release notes


October 1, 2018

Release of Vimalin for Fusion 2.0.327

This update takes care of a few inconveniences in the UI of the 2.0 release and adds extra support for guest OS’s.

release notes

September 24, 2018

Release of Vimalin for Fusion 2.0

A free update for existing users!

release notes

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