Let me introduce myself, I am Wil van Antwerpen, the owner of a company called Antwise Solutions.

Over the past years I have been very active at the VMware forums. In particular at the part involving the desktop products for VMware Fusion and VMware Workstation.

Down there it was painful to see that people end up losing virtual machines and data. Sometimes people trusted their virtual machines to apple’s Time Machine for safety. Quite often there is no backup at all.

While Time Machine is a great backup tool, unfortunately it does not create a reliable backup for virtual machines. Running your backup by hand works fine. But that means having to shut down the virtual machine and then manually copy the files. This is easy to forget to do. Besides that it breaks the day to day workflow.

So the idea to build this backup product was born. With Vimalin it is now easy to automate the process and get reliable backups. Initially there was only the macOS product. Quite often I got the question if there was a Windows product as well. With version 2.0 we now also have Vimalin for Windows.