Over the past few years Wil van Antwerpen, owner of Antwise Solutions has been very active in the community for VMware desktop products.

In particular VMware Fusion and VMware Workstation.

When helping out at the VMware Fusion community forums, it was painful to see that people lost virtual machines and data even while they had been trusting their virtual machines to apple’s Time Machine.

While Time Machine is a great backup tool, unfortunately it does not create a reliable backup for virtual machines. Running your backup by hand – manually copying the files with the virtual machine shut down – works fine, but it tends to be forgotten and it is a disturbance on the workflow.

So the idea to build this backup product was born. With Vimalin it is easy to automate the process and get reliable backups.

You might wonder where the name comes from. The initial phase of this tool was a few years ago and at the time Wil was living in Thailand along with his wife. As a result, the name chosen for the product is the Thai word วิมาลิน of Pali origin, which is pronounced like Vimalin and the meaning of วิมาลิน is “pure”.


Today we are proud to release version 1.0!