Starting with the later versions of macOS Mojave and in particular with macOS Catalina apple has tightened security.

This is a good thing and we applaud apple for making the OS more secure. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make it easier for both developers as well as end users.

We wanted to follow the principle of requiring the least required privileges when looking into adding support for Catalina. For a number of virtual machine backup scenarios this is possible. In other scenarios, it quickly turned out to become a popup and click-fest. What’s worse, troubleshooting problems in this area would become a huge drain on support. For my small company that is not really an option.

This basically left us with no other solution as to go for the Full Disk Access requirement. By using that option we did not have to rewrite a lot of code and do not have to take many scenarios into account in case of problems.

As always we do care a lot about your privacy and your data. We abide by our Privacy Policy at all times.