From our options page we click on the Schedules icon and get the following screen.


When you install Vimalin it will setup 3 default schedules that you can adjust to your likings. In our case we are going to create a new schedule that runs while we are away as we need to leave in 15 minutes (for the record it is 11:31 at that moment)

Click on the little “+” button under the list that has the 3 premade schedules.


You can give the schedule any name you like, we call it “While away” and we already know that over the next 4 days we want to run a similar backup as we will be away from our desk at the same time. So we set just 4 backups over the next 4 days.

However we only want to keep 3 of those backups. The last backup will overwrite the first once it runs.

We do not select a different backup target as we are fine with the default backup target. You can “Show all” or change rows to add this new schedule.

In our case we go back to the options screen so that we can schedule a job.