In the options page you’ll also find the icon for setting up email confirmations.

Vimalin Options Screen

Click the icon for Email Settings and you’ll get the following screen.

Vimalin Email Settings - Email Accounts

Down here you’ll just fill in the email addresses and names that you want Vimalin to use for the sender of the email (Vimalin) and the email box where you want to receive your notifications.

Once done change the tab to enter the email server details.

Email Settings - Email Server configuration

Enter the address of the smtp server that you want to use, it will be different from the example that is input here. Also provide the login name and password that might be required for sending the emails.

Finally select the smtp server port, note that port 25 is commonly blocked by providers and unless you are using your internet providers email server you’ll likely have to use either port 465 or port 587.

If the connection to your email server is encrypted also select the appropriate encryption.

After you entered the email details you can test your settings by pressing the “Test Settings” button. Vimalin will then try to send a test email via your email server to check if things are setup correctly.

If Vimalin says “message send” and you haven’t received anything then please first check your spam folder.

Finally once all that works you can tweak your email notification settings at the last tab page.

Email Settings - Message Details

Here you can configure when Vimalin should send you an email and you can also customize the subject prefix that you want your email to start with.

This allows you to setup email filters in your email program so that you can more easily manage the backup confirmation success, fail or warning messages.